The Argument For A Hero Of Time Trilogy

The Argument For A Hero Of Time Trilogy


Okay, so I’ll start off by saying that I think the Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask 3d remakes are some of the best remasters/remakes that I’ve played. I don’t say this with lack of experience with video games, I have been playing games since the days of Vectorman and Streets of Rage (please search Vectorman if you haven’t heard of it). Despite this I understand that some people reading this have a longer and deeper history with the industry than I do. But don’t fret I just want to make the point that these N64 classics deserve a sequel and I believe that at one point or another they will get one. So please read on and let’s explore the nostalgic delights of what brought the Legend of Zelda into the 3d realm.

What Next?

Ocarina of Time is without a doubt one of the most well made games I’ve ever played. Even in 2019 I would find that a game without faults is rare or even unique. But in 1999 this was honestly unbelievable. Fair enough Super Mario 64 had already transitioned into 3d in a way that would lead the industry for years to come. But Mario couldn’t capture the sense of exploration that a Zelda game could and Ocarina of Time did this in such a way that (it should have) spread shockwaves through the whole of human culture. It’s part of the reason I think video games have the same potential as film or literature. The graphics were amazing (for the time), the story was epic, the music was amazing and above all it gave you a sense of freedom you could immerse yourself in. It sold over 7 million on the N64 and was a landmark release.

So how does Nintendo follow up this darling of the industry? Most companies would have just rehashed it and used the same team and same assets to copy the formula. But not Nintendo. The legendary creator of Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong Shigeru Miyamoto had other ideas and gave the project to a young developer named Eiji Aonuma. He challenged him to develop a Zelda game in only six months to use mainly the same assets and reproduce the success of Ocarina of Time.

Amazing Sequel

In the end Aonuma came up with an experience vastly different to Ocarina of Time. The game was darker in tone yet brighter in visuals and told a somber but enlightening story. Majora’s Mask was a more intimate experience that brought the player deep into the personalities of the characters of the land. It was more a reflection of humanities weakenesses rather than a binary battle of good against evil.

The colours really ‘popped’ in Majora’s Mask and the game compliments Ocarina of Time really well as a ‘side story’ as was originally envisioned. But, the story of the Hero of Time wasn’t over when the credits of Majora’s Mask rolled. The hero’s shade in the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess is meant to be the deceased corpse of the Hero of Time so he obviously grew to adulthood after Majora’s Mask (along that timeline).

Anyway lets get away from the lore and get into the actual hardware. I know many people say the 3ds is breathing it’s last breathes but it has already hosted 2 (or 3) of the best Zelda games of all time. It wouldn’t be hard to use the same engine to build another game in a different world. Link as an adult in a different world, fighting a different evil would be amazingly successful. Maybe it could have traditional dungeons but have a more open world, similar to Breath of the Wild? Whether it’s set in Hyrule, Termina or a new land is debatable and in my opinion it would probably be best to start a new story (although some new dungeons in the world of Ocarina of Time would be amazing). Let’s hope there’s one last 3ds game left.

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