The Best Free Games for Kids

The Best Free Games for Kids


We may have all heard some horrific stories of children playing games on the news. One particularly interesting story was when Pac-Man was believed to be the possible end of society in the 80’s or 90’s. They thought that kids would be would be brainwashed into shambling through the streets looking for a cyber pellet fix.

Well, standing at somewhat 30 years from this news story, we can assure you that nothing of the sort has happened yet. To the contrary, research has shown us that if gaming is done in moderation, then it can prove to be a productive leisure activity. Some games are even known to induce and encourage characteristics in children which are somewhat close to creative thinking and problem-solving. As opposed to the intense passivity of watching television, games are much more of an involved leisure activity.

That said, we would like to welcome you to our list of free tablet and PC games which are appropriate for both girls and boys. Our list of games has been tried and tested and is perfect for children in the age bracket of 5 to 11 years. They can be described as a complete as-is experience and of course, do not have any violence. More importantly, they are really fun and will prove to be a great pursuit for your children.

The Best Free Games on iPad and Android

Sago Mini Friends


This is a set of good-natured games that encourage creativity, puzzle-solving, and dexterity in your child. The very first thing you and your child will do is select a colorful character they would like to play in the game. Once the character has been selected, your child will help the character explore a whole neighborhood of cartoon houses.

Whenever these houses are knocked on, the character will be invited in for an entertaining and animated play date. These would involve playing dress-up, hammering nails into birdhouses or even enjoying some tasty snacks.

Everything is really bright and cheery in the game and it is also known to induce empathy in your child. A particular reference from the game proves so when characters in the game are portrayed to be looking glum if spoils aren’t shared with them.

Lego Creator Islands


This is one particular game that may make parents happy too, but for a very different reason. So would you want your children to virtually enjoy Lego or do you like stepping on some in the middle of the night?

This game is set on the titular islands when your child will have to collect bricks, with which they will be able to complete Lego sets. In just a short while, your child will be able to construct vehicles and houses with just a few taps. But wait, that’s not it. They can even construct some living objects like Lego critters that can move about.

Toca Kitchen 2


If you’ve already introduced your child to tablet gaming, then you’re probably already familiar with the Toca Boca games. These games are a great mix of play and education and this new installment is no exception.

As you would’ve guessed by the name, Toca Kitchen 2 is all about cooking. In this game, your child will be invited to cook some tasty meals in whatever way their imagination allows! They will also be able to invent their own recipes alongside foisting their own colorful cast of chefs. It wouldn’t matter whether you’ve thrown a watermelon into the microwave or beautifully constructed a burger. With this game, you’re definitely looking at a future chef in your midst.

Llama Spit Spit


Llama Spit Spit can be best described as an oddball shoot’em up game – but let us be clear, it is nowhere close to a violent game. The game will have your child playing a Llama that blasts away at his cartoon enemies with high-powered weaponry that uses spittle as ammo. Sounds hilarious, doesn’t it?

The controls of this game are fairly simple which means that our young players will be able to enjoy this game and should definitely get on board. Things in this game are kept interesting with the addition of collectable Llama characters and spittle power-ups.

The only snag of the game we noticed was that this game is very similar to Shooty Skies – which is a much more surreal version of this game. This game, however, made it to list because Shooty Skies has too many in-app ads and purchases.

Frisbee Forever 2


One would imply that throwing a Frisbee in a video game would be a letdown. Well, this game is proof that it could be made a great experience; but how? By adding collecting stars, disks to guide your Frisbee through and a set of roller coasters!

You will be able to experience a pinch of the Nintendo experience in this game as well. This is so because of the very basic control system, smart level designs and colorful graphics. All in all, we’re looking at a very breezy arcade game for your child.

A set back of the game is that there are some freemium underpinnings in the game. This problem, however, isn’t very troublesome because your child will also be able to earn some in-game currency along the way – including some money for every second they have spent on the game. So it really doesn’t matter if your child keeps failing levels.

Fruit Ninja


We all know that a lot of adults have spent hours on this game too! This game makes your finger into a virtual sword while you slash and chop away through all the fruits that are lobbed at you. Even though doing this alone is so satisfying, there are even some bombs that are thrown at you which need to be avoided.

On the Android tablet and the iPad, you and your child will be able to make satisfyingly large slashes across the screen while you zealously pit your skills of fruit slicing!

This concludes our list of games that will be best suited for your children and will work as a fun and learning experience for their young minds. Let the games begin!

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