The Best Indie Games on Consoles and PC: 2018

The Best Indie Games on Consoles and PC: 2018


As time marches on, the gaming world keeps evolving – and the indie genre is no exception. One thing about indie games in 2018 that interests most is that they are different from developers that really want to monetize what they have created. The very best indie games now will simply cost what they cost and they don’t want to milk you for every dime they can get. These games are, for the most part, free from all corporate influences. They are pure artistic visions of their developers and you can immerse yourself in these in the best manner if you have a great gaming PC or a console.

When we say that these games are beyond corporate influence, we definitely did not mean these games are easily surpassed by the likes of Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed. To the contrary, some indie games even have the potential to surpass these AAA games – both in terms of scope and quality. This is because indie games are mostly not repetitive in nature. They have never felt the need to rely on the current market trends and come up with appealing titles that are actually gaming clichés in disguise.

That said, with 2018 coming to an end, we have come up with a list of the best indie games that you should definitely get your hands on. We have even mixed in some classics among the more modern darlings. Even if you’re more of a mainstream gamer, you should definitely read on to discover some games that could potentially be your new favorite.



These creatures, as depicted in the game, are somewhat of a cross between animals, Harvest Moon characters and Pokémon. Glumberland is the developer behind this title and this is also their first ever project.

The game’s art can be best described as something out of Adventure Time, but the story of the game is very different. Here you will find yourself collecting creatures that are called Ooblets in an artistic town called Oob. After they have been collected, you will have to train them to battle other Ooblets while also training them to handle some real-world responsibilities like farming.

This duel responsibility is exactly what has the potential of drawing gamers away from the likes of Pokémon. You can go ahead and have your Ooblets decorate your house and create produce while discovering new shops or buildings to buy. This game is probably one of the best indie RPG titles from our list.



This game is Jonathan Blow’s beautiful masterpiece. At the very beginning, it will feel like a pastiche of Super Mario. But the more you move ahead in this game, the more you realize that the theme is quite different. There are so many mind-boggling, time-bending puzzles that get presented to you with some really reflective texts. What’s more? The story of this game revolves around the atomic bomb! Braid is probably one of the smartest puzzle games out there since SpaceChem.

Cave Story


This game was first released as a PC freeware back in 2004, but it has been brought back during this current indie games renaissance. The fact that it was released differently all those years ago is the reason why it is often unheard of in current game discussions.

This newer version has some really vibrant renditions from the Super Nintendo era. Other than this, the game employs some controls that are hugely intuitive alongside some weapons that are so much fun to blast away with. Fans of Metal Slug  Will be happy to know that this game has the very same level of destruction while adding so many more things to destroy. This is why this game deserves to make it on the list of best indie games!



This particular game has already created a fan base of millions. Many of these people, as we are sure, wouldn’t go near a run-and-gun game. However, this game changed things for them.

Cuphead was inspired by the likes of some classics like Contra and Mega Man but most of the fans compare the graphics employed in the game to Betty Boop from the 1930s. This is because of the gorgeous visuals in the game that bears similarity to hand-drawn cartoon art from the past.

Besides its beautiful stylized visuals, gamers will find themselves engrossed in its engaging and challenging boss fights at the end of each level. If this wasn’t enough, the developers of this game have already announced a sequel which will be titled “Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course”. This game will have so many more new isles to explore, new bosses to destroy and most importantly, new playable characters!

The Stanley Parable


It is very unfortunate how humor is mostly missing from games nowadays. Whichever game has tried doing so has only employed some crude one-liners or relied on slapstick comedy. This game, however, is a great attempt at a humorous game without being oversimplified.

The game revolves around the decisions you make and every move you make is followed by hilarious narration in a British accent. None of the decisions in the game will go unpunished and every play-through will lead to new kinds of weirdness and humor.

Gone Home


This game is somewhat like the Stanley Parable as it falls in the ‘walking simulator’ genre. The Stanley Parable focuses on humor and wit, whereas this particular game is more about confronting difficult realities.

In the game, you will play a 21 year old Kaitlin Greenbriar, who comes to her childhood home following an overseas visit to find that her family is missing. You will then scavenge through stuff to look for hints or notes that can help you find them. The theme and SFX used in the game are very successful at evoking a strong emotional response and will keep you at edge of your seat.

So, there you have it. One of these games can either be your gateway to the indie universe or can even become your favorite escape for the coming days. Go ahead and try the one you think sounds best!

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