THE OUTER WORLDS: Details Begin To Emerge About Obsidian’s Hotly Anticipated Release

THE OUTER WORLDS: Details Begin To Emerge About Obsidian’s Hotly Anticipated Release


Since it was revealed at the The Game Awards last year, Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds has been (probably) one of the most anticipated games of this year and slowly but surely some details are beginning to emerge about the shape it will take.

Firstly, there is the blessed (depending on your perspective) news that there will be no such thing as ‘essential’ and therefore unkillable NPC’s. It always was a bit idiosyncratic in games such as Skyrim that there are characters you simply cannot kill.  It detracts from the experience of the game being one that is truly non-linear if the game protects certain characters from being killed and devalues your own decisions because by definition it restricts them in a very linear way.

Companions are also going to be more 3d and fully rounded acting according to their own agendas even to the point where they will leave you if your actions no longer further their own goals.

Obsidian’s senior narrative designer, Megan Starks, explained;

“We want our companions to really emphasize that they have stakes that are important to them. They’ll ask you to help out on their quests and they’ll speak out against you if they don’t support what you’re doing, we want their motivations and goals to always be at the center of their character.”

All part of Obsidians ongoing commitment to, in the words of Starks, to allowing players to allowing players “to be able to be whatever they want to be”.

Furthermore, the game will also be available on disc at physical retail on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC and it will retail for roughly $60 (around £46.00 at the current exchange rate). Sadly though there is still no release date confirmed other than ‘sometime in 2019’ which leaves us twisting in the wind a little, at least for now.

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