The Sims 4 Custom Content: Alpha vs. Maxis Match Part 3

The Sims 4 Custom Content: Alpha vs. Maxis Match Part 3


If there’s one thing The Sims 4 does, it inspires creativity. Whether you’re interested in Unicorns, Mermaids, or Witches – fantasy Sims are a big deal in the community. Since the introduction of the Genie in Livin’ Large for The Sims (2000), Simmers have been fascinated with creating their own weird and wonderful worlds and characters. This was only made more apparent with the released of Makin’ Magic in 2003, a pack we never even knew we needed so much. So with all this amazing creative flair, how can custom content help you up your fantasy game?


There’s something really fun about creating a famous Horror movie villain in The Sims 4. You will find plenty of “inspired by” Sims on the Gallery, but CC can really give your villain their edge. Now, there is notably more Alpha CC available for this niche subset of Simmers, but when they look this good – it’s hard to get mad!

The Sims 4 Horror Custom Content

On the left, witness the “Nun/Valak” face paint by Kareem Zi Sims. If you’re a fan of the Conjuring movie universe films, you’ll know this demonic Nun all too well. The face paint is applied in CAS just like any other, but with a much different effect. You could use this in Machinimas, Halloween themed videos, or even just to freak your viewers out on stream. Similarly, the Pennywise Face Mask from Jurine Sims is menacing and almost identical to the revamped Pennywise makeup. You’d be hard pressed not to find someone who is scared of Clowns, especially homicidal ones.


Not a fan of Horror? No problem. Simmers across the world have a fascination with the sweeter, cuter side of Fantasy Sims and they make amazing CC. There are copious Unicorn horns out there, and a plethora of outfits fit for a Mermaid. When it comes to fairytale storytelling, my personal favourite has always been Pixies, Fairies, and Elves.

The Sims 4 Fairytale CC

On the left, this beautiful Sim created by DesiiireSims contains CC from no less than 10 talented artists. The full list is available on the post itself, but my stand out item is the Wings by S-Club. On the right, a great example of less-is-more when it comes to fantasy. This bronze and gold Forrest Nymph created by EmmySimming uses the commonly used NotEgain Elf Ears. The best thing about creating Sims like these is that you can let your imagination run truly wild. Who says an Elf can’t have tribal tattoos, horns, red eyes, and piercings? There are no limits.

The Weird & Wonderful

Some fantasies are too hard to put into words. To give you an idea, you can search for almost anything on Tumblr or The Sims Resource and you will find a match. Ever wanted to create a Sim that looks like a Pizza Delivery guy? You got it! Want to create a highly realistic version of Lady Gaga? No problem! Don’t stop looking for the things that will help you create your ideal Sims.

The Sims 4 CC Fantasy

Told you it was going to get weird! I’m not really even sure what to call these gorgeous Sims. On the left, we have a Mer-Alien type Sim with glorious head fins and on the right is a cutesy take on a Plant Sim. Plant Sims are already included in The Sims 4, but they do not look as badass as this! If you want to recreate your very own creature from the blue lagoon or kawaii pod person then Zaneida is the artist to check out! Both of these items could easily be used to create Alien Sims or an elemental take on Fairies or Pixies. The world really is your oyster.

I know the title of this article says Alpha vs. Maxis Match, but in all honesty when the subject matter is this abstract it is hard to find MM CC that does the theme justice. If you know any amazing MM artists that create fantasy items please feel free to link them below in a comment, or tag me (GitsieGames) on Twitter and I will be sure to give them their very own review!


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