The Sims 4: Get Famous First Look

The Sims 4: Get Famous First Look


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Due for release this coming Friday (16th November), the 6th Expansion Pack for The Sims 4 is set to be a jewel in the crown of Maxis and EA’s popular life-simulation title. The much anticipated DLC pack comes just days after a free update for PC and Mac users that gave them terrain tools, a new career mode, and the recently announced first-person camera mode option. So, retailing for £34.99 on release, what does Get Famous give you, and why should you be picking it up?

Del Sol Valley

This brand new world is one of the key features of the new pack. Modelled heavily on Hollywood/Los Angeles it gives you 11 lots to build on, spread over 3 distinctive neighbourhoods that have their own backstories and ‘vibes’ attached to them. “Starlight Boulevard” is, somewhat predictably, based on Sunset Boulevard and contains 5 lots that are defaulted to community lots for your Sims to visit and build up their fame. Featuring 2 nightclubs/bars, a gym, a Museum, and a small park, this neighbourhood looks and feels like any celebrity hot spot you might see on TV. “Mirage Park” is described as a mid-range residential area for up-and-coming Sims with aspirations of Fame and Fortune, and gives you 3 default residential lots based around a suburban cul-de-sac within spitting distance of downtown. Then, for avid fans of Motherlode, there’s “The Pinnacles” – a fancier than average neighbourhood that has 3 huge lots to build on. If I had to make a real life comparison, this neighbourhood could be seen as the “Beverley Hills” of Del Sol Valley.

Fame Points & Reputation

The only way to get to the top in Del Sol Valley is to accrue ‘Fame Points’ and build your reputation. Fame Points can be earned by performing certain interactions around town, and over time these build up to give you a new level of Fame or your Sim’s ‘Star Level’. There are 5 stars overall, from newcomer to global superstar, and this goes hand in hand with your Sim’s reputation. You know how real life celebrities can become embroiled in scandals that either make or break their careers? Well your Sims are no different! But whether your Sim wants to be known for being good or bad, the system for Fame works exactly the same. Step out of the spotlight, even temporarily, and your Sim will lose points and eventually even a Star Level. Start booking gigs and performing fame-point actions again and your Sim can regain their Star Level. It’s as easy as that. Your Sim’s reputation, combined with their Star Level are what gives your Sim their overall ‘Public Image’ and ultimately will lead to what opportunities they are offered in their chosen career!

Fame Points can also be used to purchase perks and manage their quirks. When you Sim accrues enough Fame Points they can buy a perk that gives them a buff or special interaction, such as the ‘All Nighter’ Perk, which allows Sims to continue working for 24 hours without sleep – especially useful if you want to recreate your favourite live streamers or have your Sim do a charity event! The quirks are automatically assigned as your Sim becomes more and more famous, and are based around the behaviour and activities that they engage in. If your Sim is keen to engage with their fans, they may get the “Fan” mail quirk, if they frequently drink juice when out and about they may gain the Juice Enthusiast quirk which sees them demanding Juice more often and even slipping into low moods (diva much?) if they go too long without their precious beverage.

Create A Sim

With over 90 Clothing and Accessory items, and 11 new hairstyles Get Famous has given some really interesting new options for CAS fans. From period costumes for acting gigs, to casual day wear and a pair of the popular ‘Slides’, there is something for every type of Sim you might want to create. Whilst there seems to be less for Male, and significantly less for Child Sims in this pack, they are certainly not left out completely – and the lack of content for child Sims does make sense when you factor in what this pack is really about, so provided you’re not excited about the idea of recreating the all-child cast of Bugsy Malone, you shouldn’t be too disappointed with the new CAS items in Get Famous.

Build and Buy Items

Amongst the copious amounts of movie-props and ‘clutter’, there are some pretty amazing items that you can use to furnish your Sim’s new pad. Whether they’re an up and coming actress, a Simstagram star, or a Worldwide Celebrity, there are items for pretty much every home you could create. With a definite theme towards grand and gilded, or mid-century modern, there is an impressive and versatile colour palette in this pack too. It would take several pages to show you everything, so here are just a few of my favourites! And yes, that is a Tiger Print sofa.

So is it worth the money?

This pack is perfectly balanced for those who like to build, and those who like to play. With the free update giving us terrain tools, well played Maxis, this gives builders an even bigger playing field to create some incredible Architectural gems with Get Famous. For the game player Simmers, there is a lot to this pack. Your Sims don’t have to be an actress in order to be a celebrity, you can create the next Gordon Ramsay, or J K Rowling, or even Jeffree Star. If none of that tickles your fancy, then this pack may not be for you. Not everyone wants to ‘Get Famous’, and I think that with the Style Influencer career being available as a free update there really is not reason to buy this pack if the only kind of celebrity you want to create is a Beauty Guru or a Sim stylist. That said, you can opt your Sims out of the fame dynamic and still enjoy the beautiful new world, the great Build and Buy objects, or use the Create a Sim items to your hearts content.

I personally am a fan of this pack, and although I can see how the overarching theme of Fame and Stardom might not appeal to everyone, the individual aspects of the game are a winner for me.

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