The Sims 4: The Best Build Challenges of 2018

The Sims 4: The Best Build Challenges of 2018


Within the Sims community, there are some creators who go above and beyond to carefully curate and produce challenges for the rest of us to use to spice up our gameplay and builds just a bit more. This year was a huge one for The Sims, the EA Gamechangers program, and controversies around the game itself – but if nothing else, there were some bloody good build challenges.

The Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice Challenge

In Halloween, amongst the many ‘Spooky House’ build challenges, this one just stood out as something a little bit special. Created by JazzyRosee and CloLee, this challenge fed into my deep love for a Disney villain and gave me that cosy Autumn feeling. Some of the entries for this challenge were incredible, and nobody really held back when adding in some Disney inspired touches. The best thing about this challenge? The fact that it doesn’t focus on the typical Halloween imagery, and instead plays on the sometimes unconventional intrigue and love for the bad guy that we all have – who didn’t think Ursula was a total bad ass? So even though Halloween has been and gone, this could still be a fun challenge for you to test out your building skills!

The Pins on Phire Challenge

This challenge from September was based around of the most under rated and often forgotten Stuff Packs for The Sims 4; “Bowling Stuff”. Not only did the challenge, lovingly created by Phirehero, gave builders 4 distinct themes to choose from and then encouraged some serious creativity from Simmers. My personal favourite was the Psychedelic Split theme (which creator Phirehero actually chose for himself) which led to some intensely colourful builds with some interesting spins on what you might expect from a Bowling Alley.

The Flip This Challenge

If you’ve ever wanted to be an architect or interior designer then this challenge is bound to be for you. Created by JustTeej, this challenge was the first of a series of monthly ‘Flip This’ challenges that he created for the community. Each one based around a particular shell that he Teej created for builders to download from the gallery, and then based on a dice roll or randomiser, users would have specific rules set for them. What made this challenge so unique was that each ‘project’ had it’s own pros and cons, whether that was a budget limitation or restriction on what you could add or remove to make the new house complete. This is sure to be a challenge that ages well and has huge scope for creativity.

The Jungle Vacation Build Challenge

The undisputed Queen of The Sims 4 on Twitch, HollieBB creates build challenges on a regular basis – but this one really caught the imagination of Simmers across the community when it was released back in March. To celebrate the release of Jungle Adventure at the end of February, this challenge asked builders to create a specific vacation lot in the new world ‘Selvadorada’ (a fictional world with Aztec and Latin American themes) and to include at least 5 objects from the new pack. The themes are inventive and not what you’d expect, especially the ‘Secretive Sanctuary’ theme, which is perfect for anyone who enjoys old school spy movies and tropical locations.

The Get Baemous Build Collaboration

Technically not a build challenge, rather a world build collaboration, this build was created for the ‘Get Baemous’ collab by the incredibly talented HeyHarrie and the previously mentioned JustTeej. Teej completed the externals, Harrie the internals, and the finished product is a pretty impressive French Chateau mansion build. If that wasn’t breathtaking enough, the collab also contained a UFO themed nightclub created by Penapple and a stately home created by DevonBumpkin. All of the videos are available HERE and I thoroughly recommend checking it out, I am also certain that world collaboration build challenges will become a big thing next year, with more and more creators finding their way to Twitch and YouTube, it seems like the future of collabs.

Do you have a favourite community challenge from 2018? If so, comment down below and let us know what you enjoyed most this year.

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