The Sims 4: The Best Mods for Create-A-Sim

The Sims 4: The Best Mods for Create-A-Sim


Almost everyone agrees that one of the best features of The Sims is the ability to create unique characters. Even if you’re new to the franchise, it’s a feature that sets the game apart from other Simulation titles. But, where some celebrate the dev team’s efforts, many would argue that there is not enough to make truly diverse Sims. If you’re one of the latter, the Sims modding community have got you covered! Here are some of our favourite mods for Create-A-Sim (CAS) that you can download today.

The Melanin Packs by Xmiramira

Xmiramira Melanin Pack

A pioneer of the Black Simmer community, Mira has created 3 Melanin Packs for download. These mods add a plethora of new skin tones to your game, making it easier to create Sims of colour. The packs are not just for Sims of colour though, as there are many Caucasian skin tones included as well. One of the biggest criticisms that The Sims 4 has had since launch is the lack of darker/deeper skin tones, and Mira has solved that problem here. It’s important for players, especially of a game like The Sims, to feel represented – so well done Mira.

3D Lashes by Kijiko

Kijiko 3D Eyelashes The Sims 4

If you’re anything like me, you feel personally attacked by the lack of lashes in The Sims 4. But, worry not, because Tumblr star Kijiko has given Simmers the world over something to smile about. Whether you want to create Kardashian style Sims, or just a more accurate Simself – 3D eyelashes really do add some well-needed style to your Sims. Available in 2 styles, one glam and one ‘every day’, you can create so many different looks with them. Try them out, and you might find out why they are recommended by almost every Simmer out there.

More Traits by KawaiiStace

More Traits KawaiiStace The Sims 4

Aside from how your Sims look, another great feature of CAS is the personality or ‘traits’ addition. Adding 3 traits and a lifetime aspiration means your Sims can have multi-faceted personalities with unique needs and wishes. What KawaiiStace has done is increase the spectrum of available personality traits, including things like Naturally Thick/Slim, Drowsy, and even Absent-Minded. So if you ever wanted to create your Simself, but just couldn’t find the right mix of traits to make your personality – this might just be the mod for you.  There are 2 collective volumes available here and here, but check out her individual traits too!

What are some of your favourite CAS mods? Are you an Alpha CC lover, or do you prefer Maxis Match? Let us know in the comments below.

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