The Unsung Heroes of Gaming

The Unsung Heroes of Gaming


There are some games out there with heroes who may not share the same popularity as Sonic, Mario, MasterChief or Kratos but have done some amazing things in their careers. So today, I thought we should sit down and salute these heroes as they have done more than their fair share of great deeds that finally need to be recognised.

Hardboiled Chicken – Rocketbirds:

Wait, it’s just a chicken I hear you say, I eat them all the time, well not this bad boy and I will be happy to explain why that is. This chicken stands around 6 foot tall and packs an arsenal that would put a smile on Rambo’s face. So who on earth would a deadly giant chicken be fighting you ask? Well that’s simple, the evil and oppressive penguin army led by the diabolical Putzki. You see, when he was but still a small embryo in an egg someone tried to boil him alive, but our boy was having none of that and so he survived. Due to this he was given the name, the Hardboiled Chicken, or simply Hardboiled for short. Captured at a young age by the evil penguins after they bombed his home town he was brainwashed and trained to be become the ultimate killing machine. During a routine clean-out though, his team came across a small chicken that reminded him of his boyhood self. When the team attempted to kill the boy Hardboiled turned on them, killed them all and then dedicated his life to taking down the evil penguins. Now if that’s not a hero origin story I don’t know what is! Now as cool as that all sounds it is what Hardboiled does next really makes him a hero. Not only does he take on the entire penguin army, which consists of evil penguins, clones of himself and a few of his old team mates, he then has to take on alien owls. Yes, I said alien owls, but you better bet your bottom flipper that Hardboiled came out on top after taking out an entire army of them as well. It begs the question, is there anything that this kind hearted hero chicken can’t do?

Hardboiled Chicken(And who says Chickens can’t fly?)

Peacock – Skullgirls:

When most kids have their cartoons disturbed they tend to throw a tantrum until they get a slap. Peacock is not like other kids, in fact if I had to describe Peacock the easiest way to do so would be what would happen if you mixed Little Orphan Annie, Inspector Gadget and Al Capone. She was once a normal kid until she was murdered, after this some scientists took her body, done some experiments and turned her into a crazy ass weapon. Now as crazy as this all is what makes Peacock a hero is how she handles all this without breaking a sweat and what she does after. See, in Peacocks world there is an all-powerful being called the Skullgirl and she is feared by men and women the globe over as she almost godlike power. She had torn through cities and armies with the blink of an eye but then she made a huge mistake, she disturbed Peacocks cartoons. With the calmest of demeanour’s Peacock got to her feet and made her way to the Skullgirl, taking on all opponents in her path. Eventually she reached the source of all evil only to find that the Skullgirl was a friend who was also killed and had been using the Skull Heart power to get revenge. With a final smile at each other the two battled and Peacock is victorious, although she suffered extreme damage to her systems and was just barely functioning. In its last moments the Skull Heart offered itself to Peacock to make her even more powerful but our girl denied the thing and instead was the first person ever to refuse the offer and decided to destroy the heart, ending the evil cycle for good. The most evil thing on earth that defeated armies and warriors for generations was therefore stopped by a small girl with a lot of firepower and what did she do after this? Easy, she went back to watching cartoons.

Peacock Skullgirls(Yes, she always has that evil grin on her face)

The Centurion – Altered Beast:

So, it’s ancient Rome and you are a bad ass Centurion, sadly you are killed in battle and this means that you are totally dead and buried. That means it’s all over right? Not if Zeus has anything to say about it. Basically what happens is, an evil Demon God called Neff kidnaps Zeus’ daughter Athena, but rather than go all Liam Neeson on Neff’s ass he decided that he’s going resurrect your rotten corpse to go get his daughter back. So, you’re put back together by the command of “Rise from your grave!” and that’s it, off you go to face an entire demon army. Well, except for the fact that Zeus has been kind enough to put Spirit Wolves in the world for you. Should you use three of the wolves’ spirit balls you will be transformed into a man beast with incredible power and this is what you will need in order to defeat the Demon God Neff. Now, the Centurion had no reason to do this other than he was asked by the king of the gods himself but he could have easily just said “Nope, do it yourself lad!” but he didn’t. He fought through all manner of demons, monsters and beasts in what has to be one of the most selfless acts in gaming and that is what makes a true hero. There was no gain, no revenge to be had or even a reason for him to so this other than he was asked. There are few heroes in the world that match this level of greatness and yet like the others mentioned before him, the Centurion will never make a list of greatest gaming heroes.

Altered Beast(What a nice chap he is)

If you can think of any other gaming heroes that don’t get the love they deserve then please, drop a comment below and let me know who you think deserves to be mentioned as an unsung hero.

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