The Widowmaker venom mine exploit

The Widowmaker venom mine exploit


Game-changing Widowmaker exploit on Hanamura, the infinite Ashe bomb glitch and more.

The Widowmaker venom mine exploit

A little-known secret was exposed earlier this week by Buffrussian – a top 500 Widowmaker player and content creator. He explains that Widowmaker can sit on the defending side of point A, and use her venom mine on the small windows of Hanamura to get an easy headshot on the opposing teams players. This allows the Widowmaker to stand still and snipe for a brief period; at higher levels of the game, this allows for an easy headshot and kill on a low HP character. If you’ve ever played Overwatch, you would know this is a cardinal sin when engaging in any duel, as it makes you an easier target. We recommend you check out Buffrussian’s stream if you’re interested in learning to play some Widowmaker.

even though the game has been out for two years, and the map and hero that we are discussing have been around since the release of Overwatch, it is surprising that it took this long for people to find this exploit. It had to pass through Blizzard Entertainment’s internal development tests, the open beta phase, and be unnoticed for the entirety of the game’s existence. With a huge production and eSports title which undergoes frequent changes in content, bugs and glitches are expected to be present throughout, but you would expect the community of 40 million players to find this. It just goes to show, there are lots of hidden gems in the game that are waiting to be found.

The infinite bomb glitch

Ashe is the new hero that everyone is raving about in the Overwatch community. Within 24 hours of her release, there were fan-made comics, videos, art, and well… let’s just say… less than flattering content. Even the pro’s and notable content creators love her because of her utility and kit she comes with, which require an exceptional amount of mechanical skill, alongside heroes like Genji or Tracer.

The bomb is by far her best ability, allowing her to deny areas on the map, do lots of damage to multiple enemies and make plays happen. Just the burn damage from the bomb does 100 damage, to non-Overwatch players, that’s half of the health points of most playable DPS heroes in the game. If a hero were caught in the centre of that explosion that adds 30-75 damage to the effect. From when the bomb lands, you have two seconds until it explodes, or you detonate it yourself by shooting it, which allows for some really cool plays.

What if we could plant the bomb and detonate it at any moment with a shot? You don’t have to imagine this. Take a look at this video:

If you place the bomb in a craves, the bomb technically never touches the ground and the game still thinks it is falling. If the bomb is exposed, you can easily detonate the bomb. Normally this wouldn’t be that bad, because players could hear the bomb and manoeuvre around it, then report you for cheating. On maps like Volskaya industries, you can literally place the bomb on the choke of the map, forcing enemies to walk through it. This is a glitch that will definitely be patched out, so have fun while it lasts.

Community glitch forum

It’s worth checking out the list of bugs and glitches on the Blizzard community forum. Try them out for yourself, preferably in a custom game and with friends… not in competitive or quickplay – just a word of advice.

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