Thorpe Park To Host Esports Event This Spring

Thorpe Park To Host Esports Event This Spring


UK-based thrillseekers may well be very familiar with Thorpe Park, but many probably weren’t expecting to see the celebrated theme park hosting an eSports event there.

The event GameFX will be hosted at the resort which will bring about what has been described as offer “a fully-immersive audience experience, enabling gaming aficionados to watch master players from around the UK battle it out on the big screen.” As the Spring season draws nearer, features such as a live-streaming arena, places to try out VR, a retro gaming lounge and much more will be heading there on 6th April, and will run through to 31st May, giving you plenty of time to check out what’s on offer. What’s more, if you’ve never been before, Thorpe Park is definitely up there with the best theme parks that ol’ blighty has to offer, and will be celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The Saw ride in particular is not one to be missed.

Fan of cosplay? Don’t be shy about heading down in your favourite Nintendo, Fornite or whichever gaming clobber you like to don at such events. After all, from the screenshots here in this article, it looks like they could really use some tips. I’m legitimately going to have nightmares about those Mario and Luigi costumes…

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