TOP 10: Video Game Bad Guys

TOP 10: Video Game Bad Guys


Like the old saying goes, you can’t keep a good man down but bad guys just simply refuse to stay dead! Welcome to DarkSpawn Gaming as today we give you our choices for the top 10 bad guys of gaming.

Reaper – OverWatch:

So kicking off at number 10 is the new boy to the bad guy list. Reyes was once a human being who felt a touch of the little green monster and tried to kill his buddies but accidentally blew himself up instead, so that went well for him. Upon being brought back to life by Dr. Angel Ass he became Reaper and somehow developed some bad ass super powers like, turning into mist and teleporting for when you need to get to those hard to reach enemies. When not becoming a fart-like substance Reaper uses his twin shotguns which he never has to reload, no sir, he just dumps the old ones on the floor and spawns some new ones, cause he’s just too evil to reload.

OverWatch Reaper

The Keeper – The Evil Within Series:

You know an enemy is going to cause you trouble when you’re armed with a shotgun and he only has a hammer but he still tears straight towards you, no side steps or fancy moves, he just bee-lines straight towards you. If you manage to kill this safe-headed butcher-like monstrosity it will simply re-spawn elsewhere and once again make like a face-seeking missile straight towards you swinging its gigantic meat tenderiser at your head. To make matters worse, this thing actually learns how you fight and will drop traps that trap you. Once you’ve been snagged you have little chance to escape from them before The Keeper sinks the spiky end of his very heavy hammer in the very fragile and soft end of your face.

Shao Kahn Mortal Kombat

Seth Rollins – WWE series:

I know what you’re thinking, this definitely isn’t right this guy actually real, like really real. Well, let me explain why this evil bass fisherman is number 8 on the bad guy list. As we know, Sting is a legendary human being, a man who single handedly carried both WCW and TNA on his broad and perfect shoulders for many years without so much as a sprained ankle and then what happens? I’ll tell you what happens, this stupid, rookie piece of excrement injured him for one reason and one reason only, he was jealous as hell. That’s why he’s on this list. That’s why he is a bad person who deserves to be beat up every time you load up a WWE game!

Seth Rollins

The Cyberdemon – Doom Series:

One of the biggest, baddest and rocket shooty-ist bad guys of all time. The Cyberdemon is half machine, half demon and all bad attitude. A mountain of metal and muscle the Cyberdemons only desire is to shoot as many rockets as possible directly into your nose and watch the bloody mess you become. There’s no gimmicks or tricks in this fight, it’s just you and him, Mano a Mano. The only real piece of advice that can be given when facing this behemoth are the words my father gave me on my wedding day, he looked me square in the eye and said “Son, shoot it until it dies!”

CyberDemon Doom

Bowser – Super Mario Series:

One of the oldest bad guys in gaming (next to loading screens) Bowser may not be sharpest knife in the place where they keep the knives but he makes up for it in raw determination. It must be pretty embarrassing to be defeated over and over again by an overweight and underworked Italian plumber but Bowser makes it look like a work of art. Of course Bowser has his upsides, like being a fricking dinosaur with his own castle that in itself has a go-kart track. Though his size may alter between games the one thing that never changes is his desire to kidnap Princess Peach, for what reason we’ll never know but I have a feeling that Peach is digging it at this stage, the super freak.

Bowser Super Mario

Pyramid Head – Silent Hill Series:

So imagine you’re in a very spooky town, filled with very spooky monsters. Now imagine that you come across one that stands over 8 foot tall, wields a sword that Conan the Barbarian would struggle to carry and the first thing you see it doing is unspeakable acts to the other monsters. Pyramid Head has one job and one job only, to strike pure and utter fear into his victims and that’s exactly what he does. Fighting this thing is difficult enough when you are in a small enclosed space but in the final battle with this walking nightmare he ups the ante by having two of him. Killing one puts the other into a rage and if you manage to put that one down you will still be forever haunted by this thing and the worst part is, it knows it.

Pyramid Head Silent Hill 2

Shao Kahn – Mortal Kombat Series:

Nobody likes being mocked, that’s a simple truth and nobody certainly likes being mocked while having their face smashed in by an over-powered, over-sized and over-testosteroned ego maniac. Shao Kahn enjoys nothing more than sinking his size 32 foot into your face, sending you into last week and then pointing that infamous finger with an insult that would make Gordon Ramsey cry like a baby. Kahn is a living tank that enjoys nothing more than simply bulldozing over his opponents and then adding to the absolute beating they receive with barbaric ridicule. So not only is your rib cage hurting but so are your feelings by the time this guy is finished with you.

Shao Kahn Mortal Kombat

Handsome Jack – Borderlands Series:

There’s nothing more annoying that a cocky bad guy who knows his stuff. Leader of the Hyperion Corporation, Handsome Jack didn’t exactly start out as a bad guy but since becoming one he certainly has done his fair share of evil deeds. These range from the usual things such as kidnapping, murder and blowing up half the moon. Then we have the more extreme things he’s done since, like, oh I don’t know, turning his own daughter into a goddamn monster just so he could release a bigger goddamn monster to rule a planet with an iron dictatory fist, so yeah, I guess we could also throw bad parenting into that list as well.

Handsome Jack Borderlands

Wesker – Resident Evil Series:

When you’re the head of one of the most evil corporations ever and then decide to destroy it for fun to start your own even more evil corporation then you know you’re a grade A bad guy and that’s just what Albert Wesker is. Assassinations, human experimentation and no doubt more than a few parking violations Wesker is like a bad penny that just keeps coming back to mess up your entire town and kill your best friends. Super bad ass and super sexy, Wesker just simply refuses to accept defeat and stay dead, well apart from that time inside the volcano but you know, I’m sure he’ll bounce back. After all, he always does. If those evil deeds don’t make him a super bad guy just look at those sunglasses.

Wesker Resident Evil

Dr Robotnik – Sonic the Hedgehog Series:

He’s been blown up, set on fire, left to drown, stranded in space and even had own creations turn on him. Despite all of this Dr Ivo Robotnik keeps coming back, normally with a new robot army, flying fortress or even an entire space station. Having a small blue hedgehog as an arch nemesis must be a strange feeling for a man with an IQ of 300 but he certainly makes the best of it. Taking small cute animals and turning them into machines of destruction and death isn’t always considered a normal hobby but the good doctor almost makes me want to start sticking metal plates onto my sisters cat to create my own bad-nik, also because I just hate that cat.

Dr Robotnik Sonic The Hedgehog

If you think we missed a bad guy that needs a mention then feel free to drop a comment in the box below.

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