Totally RAD-ical: This Fallout 76 Journal Is A Must See

Totally RAD-ical: This Fallout 76 Journal Is A Must See


Fallout 76 was critically savaged following its release in November last year.  The game was riddled with severe technical issues and Bethesda’s subsequent cavalier attitude in the wake of rising controversy only served to antagonise the community even further. But, despite it being likened to Satan in video game form, at least one player seems to be enjoying his experience.

Reddit user Shia_Drunku decided to record his adventures across the Appalachian wasteland in a digital journal. Currently spanning 40 pages, the journal reveals how Shia and his friend, “Turtle”, emerge from Vault 76 and begin to adapt to the challenges of the post-war world.  

In addition to written entries — which detail everything from their recipe for Nuka Rum, to their attempts to reprogram a squad of Chinese communist robots into a “patriotic, God-fearing army of liberty” — the journal is covered in dozens of charming drawings and doodles.  Together they set an adorably whimsical tone that’s as humorous as it is heartwarming.  

According to Shia, the journal was produced using a combination of hand-drawn images and digital mockups.  In a recent post on Reddit, he wrote, “I paint the images on paper and scan them, then digitally add them onto the mock up. Then doodle on it with my tablet”.  The care and detail lavished upon much of the art is remarkable. So remarkable, in fact, that it wouldn’t look out of place bundled with a collector’s edition of the game.        

His hard work received a glowing response on Fallout 76’s subreddit, and even captured the attention of a Bethesda community manager.  Some users have expressed a keen interest in purchasing the journal upon its completion, though whether or not this would be permitted by Bethesda due to certain copyright laws is unknown.  

You can read Shia_Drunku’s journal on Imgur here.    

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