UCFB Hosting FIFA Tournament With £1000 Cash Prize

UCFB Hosting FIFA Tournament With £1000 Cash Prize


The Manchester and London campuses of the University Campus of Football Business (UCFB) will be hosting a FIFA tournament with a cash prize of £1000 for whoever becomes the UCFB eSports champion.

In the competition, students will be taking to the virtual pitch to prove who has the skills to become the first ever UCFB FIFA Champion. Kick off took place just a few days ago, taking place at both the UCFB Wembley and the Etihad Campus to crown their individual champions. From there, the top two players will face off in the decider at UCFB Wembley this Wednesday, March 27th.

The company behind the event, Player 1, have a back catalogue of events including Minecon and Insomnia Gaming Festival, and are currently the team running the UCFB. Commentary meanwhile will be covered by students Brandon Smith and Richard Buckley, who will be offering analysis having done so for professional FIFA tournaments in the past. It’s certainly another important step in the world of eSports, as FIFA continues to be a stepping stone for companies who want to try their hand at entering the world of competitive gaming.

The final takes place on March 27th, and you can watch all the action via Facebook.

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