UEFA Announces Champions League eSports Competition

UEFA Announces Champions League eSports Competition


Fifa 19 continues to have a rising impact on the eSports stage, following the announcement from UEFA that there will be a new eSports Champions League competition being launched next year. This follows on from the previous announcement of the ePremier League competition which was revealed last month, and will now be joined by the biggest competition that European football has to offer.

The top eight teams will advance with their respective clubs to the final in May 2019, taking place in Madrid and offering a prize pool of $100,000. According to EA Sports gaming chief Brent Koning, the competition “creates a unique opportunity for the competitive Fifa superstars to represent their clubs in the pinnacle of club football.”

Those who make the top eight will be able to use a draft system to bring in players that are partaking in the UEFA Champions League group stage, and represents a major step forward for the popular football gaming franchise, which is making strides on the competitive scene. This is something that was reiterated by FIFA marketing director Guy-Laurent Epstein, who stated: “We see the eChampions League and competitive Fifa as an important step in connecting with existing and new fans of the Uefa Champions League.”

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