UK eSports Events launch first CSGO Lan Tournament

UK eSports Events launch first CSGO Lan Tournament


A new startup, UK eSports Events, is all set to host and run their first lan event early in 2019 with a prize pool £500 along with some other goodies. UK eSports Events first step into the lan tournament scene takes place on Sunday 3rd of February in Leicester and comes as a CounterStrike: Global Offensive exclusive with eight teams competing.

The event has attracted some attention and is being sponsored by computing powerhouse Dell, as well as gaming favorites Noble Chairs, and ourselves DarkSpawn Gaming. Dell will be supplying some high spec laptops for rental as well as having a small stand at the event showcasing some of their VR tech.

If you are interested in competing in the CounterStrike Tournament, you will be required to pay a £28.99 entrance fee and you will need to bring your own gaming setup (more details can be found here). Dell is providing a few high spec gaming laptops which players can hire for an additional fee of £20. The winning team will receive £300 in cash, free tickets to the next event and one player on the winning team will win a DarkSpawn Gaming beanbag.

UK eSport Events plan on hosting an event every month in locations all over the country, they will be hosting LAN events for DOTA2, Overwatch, League of Legends, Fortnite and many more eSport related games. If this interests you, we highly recommend you check out their website to get more information. They have been growing their community on discord, and they now have 180+ members who all have an interest in UK eSports. We strongly encourage all UK gamers to head over to their discord and join the community.

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  • LioN


    21st November 2018

    I’m excited to perform at this event! Had great support from the organisers, can only hope fora continuation of great events in the future!


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