UKLC – Fnatic Rising Dominate Diabolus in Play-Off Final

UKLC – Fnatic Rising Dominate Diabolus in Play-Off Final


The moment that so many have waited for is finally upon us, as the UKLC whittles down to just two teams in the series final, which pitted Fnatic Rising against Diabolus. Ultimately, after being a standout outfit throughout the entire split, it was who emerged victorious.

Both Fnatic Rising and Diabolus were put to the test in the semi-finals, with both teams overcoming strong efforts from Excel and MNM Gaming respectively. Despite their opponents best efforts, it would be today’s finalists who came out on top with both teams coming back to win 2-1.

It was Fnatic Rising who took the first game, marching their way through and resilient Diabolus defence, who looked to show promise by scoring first blood of the final series. The second game looked to be far more conclusive, as Fnatic Rising set out to showcase what they are made of for the major competitions ahead, and ruthlessly swept Diabolus aside to make it 2-0 in what was one of the most one-sided games of the entire season. FNC then went onto maintain their dominance to take an impressive 3-0 rout.

Congratulations to Fnatic Rising, and commiserations to Diabolus, who performed extremely well throughout the entire competition, and fell just short of taking the top spot.

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