UKLC Week 4 – Another Tower Champion Crowned

UKLC Week 4 – Another Tower Champion Crowned


The fourth week of the UKLC has emphasised just how much of an open competition it has been so far. We have seen four tower champions, of which only one has managed to retain after initially taking the top spot. This week, in another turn of events, we saw Diabolus knock off MnM Gaming to claim the tower for the first time. Having previously defended their place as tower champions, last week we saw a shock defeat for Fnatic Rising who were dethroned by MnM, though they couldn’t fortify their hold for long as Diabolus loomed large.

Meanwhile, DarkSpawn Gaming participated in the final game of the bracket draw, where they went up against Bulldog Esports who were in search of their first win of the competition. Bulldog managed to earn themselves a lifeline, and advanced to the semi-finals to take on Diabolus, who would advance to the final to face Enclave, who had knocked out league leaders Fnatic Rising and Barrage along the way.

The bracket final was Diabolus’ third straight final in three weeks, and this time it was third time lucky to set up a meeting with tower holders MnM Gaming. It would turn out that MnM’s hold at the top would be a short reign indeed, as Diabolus were crowned tower champions, and sit in second place in the league.

Week five of the UKLC has some mouthwatering fixtures, as DarkSpawn look to cause upset against league leaders Fnatic Rising, and Diabolus look to become only the second team to successfully defend the tower.

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