UKLC Week 5 – Diabolus Retain, Sets Up Crucial Rematch

UKLC Week 5 – Diabolus Retain, Sets Up Crucial Rematch


Another week down, and yet another week of edge of the seat action in the UKLC. The spot for tower champion has been held by a variety of teams already, showcasing just how close the competition between the UK’s elite League of Legends players is.

There was to be no change at the top this week however, as Diabolus defended their spot valiantly against the ever-imposing Fnatic Rising. The runners-up, who fell short in the tower challenge, got off to an explosive start against DarkSpawn Gaming; a team looking confident going into the match against Fnatic Rising having had plenty of ractice agianst them in the split already. It wasn’t to be ultimately for DarkSpawn, who were dispatched in a short space of time, leaving them at the bottom of the table.

Fnatic Rising had bounced back from a disappointing week four, but in the end could not overcome Diabolus, who held onto the tower and became just the second team to defend it successfully. This Wednesday will see a rematch of the blockbuster tower challenge, so be sure to tune it at 6PM GMT.

As for the league standings, Diabolus Esports sit joint top with Fnatic Rising, making next week’s rematch absolutely crucial.

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