UKLC Week 7 – The Play-offs And Beyond

UKLC Week 7 – The Play-offs And Beyond


The UKLC has finally reached a critical stage, as four teams head to the play-offs whilst two others battle it out for survival.

The stage has been set for the play-offs, which will see Fnatic Rising going up against Excel, followed by a highly anticipated bout between Diabolus and MnM Gaming. Following on from the play-offs will be the Forge of Champions, in which teams who compete in the Open Tournaments look to qualify. Those who do so will face off against the teams in the UKLC in cup format, with the UKLC teams finishing from second to fifth place being granted a bye for the inaugural round. First place Diabolus will then face the winner of the final to duke it out for the Forge of Champions trophy.

Meanwhile at the other end of the scale, we have the promotion tournament, in which DarkSpawn Gaming will compete against Bulldog Esports in a bid for survival. Both teams will be competing against teams who participated in the Forge of Champions Open Tournaments to see who will be taking part in the UKLC Summer Split later this year.

Do DarkSpawn Gaming have what it takes to survive? Who will emerge victorious in this weekend’s play-offs? Be sure to tune in to all the action over on the LVP UK Twitch Channel.

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