Video Game Dream Fights

Video Game Dream Fights


It’s Christmas, the time of miracles and what greater miracle could a gamer ask for that a dream brawl between several of their favourite fictional people. It’s our jobs at the end of the day to sit and think about these things after all, whether at 2am in a smoke filled bar with some other drunken gamers or in posh conference hall, we need to have these talks. So pull up a chair, take a seat and pick your poison as DarkSpawn Gaming gets ready to go through some of the many dream fights we want to see in the future.

Simon Belmont vs Kain:
Ha, you didn’t see that start coming did you? Yep, I think it’s time we saw one of the greatest Vampire hunters of all time throw down with one the meanest and most vicious vampires that ever existed. Armed with the legendary Vampire Killer whip and all sorts holy side arms Simon would have to use his speed and agility to try and stay alive while tangling with Kain who uses nothing but raw power and the deadly Soul Reaver blade. Kain would have to use every Vampire trick in the book to avoid the crosses, holy water and blessed knifes that Simon could launch at him. Seeing as both characters are legends in their respective game series it would be difficult to choose a winner in this one. That being said however, Simon has dealt with many different types of monsters and of course, the biggest of the big and baddest of the bad himself, Dracula. I think this experience in dealing with vampires would give Simon the slight edge in this battle but you never can count out Kain, after all, he does like to time travel when things aren’t going his way.

Simon Belmont(How can his hair look so good all the time?)

Doom Slayer vs Master Chief:
Though these two may look alike that’s where the similarities end. This would be a battle of tactics, precision and marksmanship against a run fast and shoot faster mind set. Master Chief is easily one of the greatest super soldiers in video game history, being trained from a young age to be the perfect weapon and surviving training that would put the SAS to shame; he would need to use every military tactic in the book to keep out of ripping distance. Tactics can certainly get you ready for war but when you’re up against a man that wields an entire weapons factory and moves at breakneck speed then you’re really going to have a fight on your hands. Not much is actually known about Doom Slayer other than he likes to get his hands dirty and really hates demons. Besides that, he likes guns and will tear the face and limbs off anything that gets too close to his personal space. So this fight would boil down to who adapts to who quicker but then I don’t think Doom Slayer adapts, he runs straight at you and isn’t afraid of taking a few hits in the process if it means he gets a hold of his enemy. I guess I can’t call a winner on this one but feel free to leave your opinion on this highly important matter below.

Doom Slayer vs Master Chief(Which one is which?)

Scorpion vs Ryu:
This is a debate that started back in 1992 upon the release of Mortal Kombat. Street Fighter 2 was already a huge arcade game but soon it had a rival and with it, came fans. Go to any school playground in 1992 and within it somewhere would be 2 kids talking about which was better Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. This of course led to arguments to which had the better cast then eventually ended in who would kick who’s backside (I don’t know if I’m allowed to say a$$ on this site). Being the poster boys for their respective games the argument always came down to Mortal Kombats ninja from hell against Street Fighter wandering warrior. Let’s be frank here, neither of these two characters need an introduction, they are pop culture icons and each has their fans and haters so I’m going to put it to you like this. This fight would be settled on a lone island, no spectators or fans. Each fighter is allowed their full arsenal and the winner can choose to kill the loser or not. I’m a fanboy, I cannot give an opinion on this one but please, I’d love to hear yours.

Sniper Wolf vs Widow Maker:
Oh, you can see this one going on for a while can’t you? Two of the best snipers in gaming history going at it in a titanic battle of skill, speed and strategy. Sniper Wolf, born in Iraq-Kurdistan in the early eighties, she lived her whole life in war-zones as she put it herself “gunfire, sirens and screams, they were my lullabies.” So, of course she was destined to become one of the greatest Snipers of all time, perhaps only to be equally matched by Overwatchs blue-skinned head-popper known as Widow Maker. With a few extra gadgets up her sleeve you would expect Widow Maker to have the advantage, after all she has a grappling hook and poisonous mines but there’s the important fact that she wasn’t always an assassin. She was once married and normal, but then she was brainwashed by Reaper and his gang of evil doers and just like that she was a Sniper. Not exactly the same gruelling training Sniper Wolf had and it is for that fact that I would genuinely give Sniper Wolf the advantage in this fight. That being said, there’s no denying that this would be an insanely tense fight to watch, one wrong move, one missed shot and that could be then end for one of these femme fatales.

WidowMaker(Could this be the last thing Sniper Wolf sees?)

Obviously, there are literally hundreds of video game fights that would be awesome to see and these are just a few picked out of that gigantic pile but that’s why we have a comments box. Drop us a line with the fight’s you would love to see and why.

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