Welcome Back, Commander: Command & Conquer Remaster Announced

Welcome Back, Commander: Command & Conquer Remaster Announced


EA has confirmed that it has enlisted Petroglyph Games to remaster both Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert.

Jim Vessella, producer at EA, has announced the remastering of the real-time-strategy (RTS) classics in a Reddit post. He also confirmed that the expansion packs – Covert Ops, Counterstrike and Aftermath – will all be included in the remastered release with no microtransactions. Vessella went on to say that EA “will also be partnering with Lemon Sky Studios to help bring these original games to 4k glory”.

The news follows EA’s announcement earlier in the year of a new game in the franchise: C&C Rivals – a mobile only game that is set to launch on iOS and Android in December. The reveal of Rivals was met with such poor reception that it prompted EA to consider remastering the classic games for PC (so I suppose there was a silver lining to Rivals after all!).

What will come as great news to fans of the C&C series is EA’s partnership with Petroglyph Games which is home to former employees of Westwood Studios, the developers of the original game back in 1995. The most recent C&C game, Tiberian Twilight launched in 2010 and developed by EA Los Angeles, garnered criticism for departing too far from the core C&C formula. It is reassuring, then, that Joe Bostic who co-created the original C&C will be working on the remaster and has promised to “bring the C&C franchise back to its roots”.

Unfortunately, it might be a little while before we get to hear that distinctive whine of an Obelisk of Light charging up because no release date has been set for the remaster. In fact, development hasn’t even commenced yet. The flip-side to this early stage of development is that fans have been invited to comment on what they would like to see in the remaster. Bostic has stated that the plan is to “remaster rather than remake” the original C&C games. Happily, Vessella has already confirmed that the remaster will include a multiplayer mode in addition to single player.

The RTS genre has been pretty stagnant in recent years aside from the remasters to the Age of Empires and Homeworld games. With this C&C announcement and Age of Empires 4 in the works, the RTS genre may well soon enjoy a well-deserved renaissance.

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