What Next For The DarkSpawn CS:GO Team? An Interview with Joshua ‘Zola’ Dunleavy

What Next For The DarkSpawn CS:GO Team? An Interview with Joshua ‘Zola’ Dunleavy


As DarkSpawn Gaming introduces a brand new League of Legends outfit to the team, we are looking ahead to the future and what’s in store going into next year and beyond. With that in mind, we sat down with DarkSpawn CS:GO team member Joshua ‘Zola’ Dunleavy to see what’s in store for 2019.

DS: What events do you have coming up on the horizon?

Zola: All the events we will be competing in are happening next year. We have two main events that we’re going for, the first one is the insomnia CS:GO qualifier once that gets announced and the second one will be EpicLan where all the players are hoping to make it far and win. Lastly we will be competing in ESEA Open league next year and so far that’s it, we will have to see what is up and coming in the next year.

DS: Can you tell the audience a bit about the team that will be competing?

Zola: Firstly, the whole team is extremely dedicated, and we all have the same goal in mind and that is to be the best. We came together from all over the UK because we all want to make it pro and prove the UKCS joke wrong. Our big goal is to play against and challenge all the top teams in the world. This will require a lot of work but are all willing to put in the effort and time it requires to get there, especially since we all have what it takes to make it there.

DS: How do you plan to prepare for the events in 2019?

Zola: We plan on doing consistent team practice weekly and keeping to a schedule to make sure everyone is improving and that we make as little mistakes as possible before the events come up. Before the events we plan on doing an intensive two weeks of practice, to make sure we are well prepared for anything that can happen. Every week we plan on watching our demos back and see where we went wrong and always fixing those mistakes, we are also going to watch top team demos to analyse how they play to implement into our own game.

DS: What’s it like playing under the DarkSpawn banner?

Zola: It’s been great playing under the DarkSpawn, the org has been very supportive of the team and helping us achieve our goals by giving us the resources we need to improve. The development of the team is a long process and they have been very patient with us and as a team were here to help the org become one of the biggest organisations in the UK within the Counter-Strike scene. I am happy playing for DarkSpawn and hope to continue playing for them for a long time.

DS: What made you choose CS:GO to compete in ahead of any of the other competitive shooters out there?

Zola: I chose CS:GO over every other Esports game is because I prefer first person shooters over any other type of game and I am a very competitive person so I don’t enjoy losing, I always love to win and that’s why I chose to compete in CS:GO as there are many different ways to outplay opponents and rise to be the best and also the fact that it is a very competitive scene in which everyone wants to win, compete and improve it just suits me.

DS: Do you think its time for a new counter-strike game? Global offensive still has such a large following.

Zola: I don’t think they should bring out a new Counter-Strike, this game still has much more potential to become even bigger than it is. There are many things they can add or change in CS:GO to make this game even better. What I really think they need to do is focus more on the casual side of the game and make Matchmaking more appealing because everyone just plays Matchmaking for fun instead of playing it seriously, I know many people have said this already but there needs to be a non-ranked version for the people who just play the game for fun.

DS: Apart from the events you have planned, are there any that you really aspire to compete in?

Zola: Of course, I think any player would aspire to play at the major and win the major title but other than that the events we would like to compete in are like the ESL, Dreamhack, Blast Pro and many more big events. Any event that has the top teams attending we aspire to play in and place highly.

DS: Any other teams that we should look out for?

Zola: One team that we have practice with is a team called ABR, they look like a team that has a lot of potential. They are a very tactical minded team and I think they can make it far with more experience.

Stay tuned for more information on all things DarkSpawn, in what looks to be an exciting year ahead for the team.

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