What’s Next for eSports in Hearthstone?

What’s Next for eSports in Hearthstone?


With the end of the Hearthstone Championship Tour coming to a close in a few months, Blizzard has revealed details regarding what’s coming up for the popular digital card game on the eSports front.

A new system is set to be deployed which will introduce live tournaments complete with qualifiers that will also be accompanied by a top tier, which will bring its players a whopping $4 million worth of prizes across the new platforms. The region-free tournaments will kick off in Spring 2019, and for the most part will take place online, three of which will take place next year and will require an invitation in order to participate.

Blizzard stated: “These live events will see our best and brightest ‘Hearthstone’ players — from household names to aspiring pros who spiked their first tourney — compete for $250,000 per event. Best of all, success here will open the door to the ultimate level of competition.”

The competition to take place will be divided by regional divisions, with bonuses awarded for player performances as well as invitations to global events going forward. And Blizz will be doing away with the Conquest format next year, the reasons for doing so are with the best intentions in mind, with the idea that it will make it more accessible to new viewers whilst making it a more accurate representation of the game.

Blizzard are set to reveal more details over these new formats over the course of the next few months.

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