Why RuneScape is Still Relevant: 3 Reasons Players Keep Going Back for More

Why RuneScape is Still Relevant: 3 Reasons Players Keep Going Back for More


RuneScape might look like it belongs back in the 90s, but it still holds a steady, loyal fanbase of dedicated players.

In comparison to AAA titles and even the graphics-focused indie titles of recent years, RuneScape looks decidedly like a dinosaur in its field; an old, knarled tree surrounded by young, fast-growing saplings. But with an audience of over one million, RuneScape still has the ability to make waves.

So what is it that is keeping this old-school institution going, and why do players keep coming back for more?

The Nostalgia Factor

With a pedigree of eighteen years of gameplay since launch, RuneScape rivals titles like World of Warcraft with its ability to remain relevant to its audience. In part, this phenomenon is definitely down to the feeling of nostalgia the title gives players, with many invested RuneScapers having five, ten or even fifteen years of play under their belts. Similarly to players coming back to old favourites like Spyro or Crash Bandicoot, RuneScape is just another way to put on the rose-tinted glasses and relive your childhood for a little while.

Easy Accessibility

RuneScape might not be the prettiest title on the market, but the advantage of its pared-down graphics and simplistic gameplay makes it easily accessible to a far larger chunk of the market. With the launch of Old School RuneScape on mobile, the audience of the game exploded – and for those who prefer desktop gaming, even a relatively low-cost laptop can just about run the game on reduced graphics settings.

Time Investment

As a game in the MMORPG vein, RuneScape requires a certain amount of time investment each day – or money investment, if you prefer to speed up your progress with one of the many available game-boosting items available in the Jagex store. Once that time investment snowballs from an hour each day to several years’ worth of progress, letting go of all you’ve achieved can be difficult – and there’s always that drive to grind more, do better and get that next item or piece of clothing.

Do You Play RuneScape?

With many players regularly signing in each day and a community that certainly doesn’t seem to be going anywhere yet, RuneScape is one of those rare titles that have survived the test of time – and with the introduction of new features, and a secondary mobile port, it’s likely that it isn’t going to be leaving us any time soon.

Do you play RuneScape, or is there another game that has captured your time, investment and interest for months or years? Let us know in the comments below.

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