Wolverhamption Wanderers Form Partnership With Weibo eSports

Wolverhamption Wanderers Form Partnership With Weibo eSports


Premier League football team Wolverhampton Wanderers have revealed that they will be forming a partnership with Chinese eSports club Weibo eSports Club, which will see the formation of Wolves Weibo eSports, a brand new competitive team based in China.

Headed up by the Shanghai Jinzong Culture Media Company, Weibo eSports club represents just one of many of the China-based eSports teams, and showcases the connection between both Chinese and Western eSports, and will be an exclusive club as part of the social media platform known as Weibo.

CEO of Jinzong Culture Media Company, Guangzhuo Shi, believes that the partnership between the two creates a prospect that will see significant growth in the future: “The partnership with Wolves eSports can not only learn the standardized operation model from Wolves Football Club, but also combine the brand influence of Weibo eSports Club to form a Chinese FIFA team with a more professional business model and international vision.”

Meanwhile, Wolves Head of Marketing Russell Jones added a statement on the growth of the eSports stage in China and what the collaboration means for them: “The esports market in China is growing at pace and we wanted to follow-on from the success of our existing esports team with a dedicated China presence. This collaboration is very exciting as it will see us partner with a world class esports club and one of the biggest media platforms in China.”

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