Xbox games on PS4?

Xbox games on PS4?


No you did not misread that title, it seems that Microsoft may be getting ready to try and do the absolute impossible. I have spoken previously about how much I do not like Phil Spencer and Shawn Layden, I find them as embarrassing as strange dads who try to hang out and be cool with their kids during sleepovers. However, it seems that Phil Spencer may be trying to actually do something crazy enough to grab gamers attention everywhere. It was previously announced that Spencer would love to see Xbox Game Pass on the Nintendo Switch, now at first I thought this was just another kidney punch towards Sony to show the friendship between Microsoft and the big N. Now it seems though he has another idea.

In a recent interview with the website GeekWire Spencer was asked about the plans for the Game Pass service. “We want to bring Game Pass to any device that somebody wants to play on,” Spencer said. “Not just because it’s our business, but really because the business model allows for people to consume and find games that they wouldn’t have played in any other space.” Now while this might not exactly say he wants it on PlayStation, it is pretty damn obvious that is what he is hinting at.

Phil Spencer of XboxWhen asked about selling consoles to make money Spencer went on to explain “That is not where you make money. The business inside of games is really selling games, and selling access to games and content in means like that is the fundamental business. So if you open it up, the more often people can play, the more they’re enjoying the art form. It increases the size of the business.”

It sounds then that both Xbox and Spencer are dead set on getting the Microsoft Game Pass available to everyone with a game system and an Internet connection. He later goes onto comment that he would even be happy to have the service available on mobile devices. This does bring up a thought however. The Game Pass on the Xbox console currently allows you to download the games directly to your hard drive to avoid any streaming issues; this will obviously not be the case for the likes of the PS4 and Switch. It stands to reason then that if this is to become a reality Microsoft are really going to have to use a lot of high grade servers to avoid falling into the same problems that the PS Now service has. I spoke in length about the problems with the services in a previous article here.

Hearing something like this can’t stop gamers from getting excited and thinking of what is to come. Will PlayStation users will be able to get their hands on big Microsoft exclusive games like Gears of War and Halo at some point in the future? Will Sony allow this strange but highly sought after marriage on their machine? I certainly hope so, because this means that we are potentially one step closer to one super console being created by the three big names in gaming and that could truly be a thing of beauty.

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